Cherry Ridge Township
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Some important contacts:

By Mail: 269 Spinner Road
Honesdale, PA 18431

By Telephone: (570)253-8464

By Facsimile: (570)253-8464

Current Supervisors:
-Chairman: Peter Suhosky (570)253-2663
-Co-chairman: Dave Sporer (570) 470-3181
-Member: John W. Rickard, Jr. (570)253-7925

Township Secretary: Gerald McDonald (570)253-8465
Township Solicitor: Brendan Ellis, Esq. (570)253-5229

Tax Collector:

Edward Coar


1224 Owego Turnpike

Honesdale, PA 18431            

Zoning Officer: Steve Ostrander (570)729-8850

Zoning Board:

Ed Grossman
William Theobald
Wanda Jurgeson
Randy Rowe
Pete Ridd
Mike Frigaletto
Ronnie Fischer, Solicitor

Planning Board:

Robert Mander
Bert Rickard
Dave Sporer
Jerry Rowe
John Kretschmer
Shawn Garing
Joe Rose


Larisa Rickard
Mary Coar
Kate Krempasky

Building Inspector:

Bob Bates 570-253-1263

Sewage Enforcement Officer:

Gary Enslin 570-698-6697


You can reach us at: (570)253-8464